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St. Albans Dental Blog

Does It Make Sense to Pay for Dental Insurance?

June 21, 2024

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Lady thinks something over

85% of Americans understand that their oral health is a crucial part of their overall wellbeing, and it is believed that about 78% of Americans have some form of dental insurance. While many people get their dental insurance through their employers, many of those who do not may question why they should pay monthly premiums to have their oral health services covered. Here’s a brief guide to the benefits of dental insurance and why it is almost always worth the cost.


Here’s Why Summer Is an Excellent Time to Start Invisalign

June 13, 2024

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Teen shows Invisalign clear aligners

Many people are eager to begin working on a straighter and healthier smile, but some are reluctant to commit to wearing conspicuous traditional metal braces that require many eating restrictions. Luckily, Invisalign is an alternative orthodontic treatment that gradually realigns teeth with a sequence of customized clear aligners. Here’s a brief overview of how Invisalign works as well as why summer is a great time to begin treatment.


The Perfect Cosmetic Dental Treatments for Graduation

May 10, 2024

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Smiling young graduate

Graduating from high school or college is a momentous occasion, one that comes at the expense of a lot of hard work. It also represents the beginning of a brand-new chapter in your life.

That being the case, feeling your absolute best on your graduation day can help you start off on the best foot possible. If you’re unhappy with your smile, cosmetic dentistry can absolutely help you do that. Here’s what you should know about the cosmetic dental treatments to you that can make your graduation even more memorable.


How Does My Dentist Screen for Oral Cancer?

April 12, 2024

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Dentist treats patient

Did you know that your dentist performs an oral cancer screening during your routine exams and cleanings? These inspections can be completed in minutes and have saved many people’s lives by prompting them to seek treatment from a specialist. Here’s a guide to oral cancer screenings including a few symptoms of the condition as well as how your dentist goes about detecting it.


Abrasive Injury: How to Avoid Overbrushing Your Teeth

March 18, 2024

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Head to shoulder view of a woman brushing her teeth and winking

You probably already know that brushing and flossing your teeth twice daily is a simple and effective way to prevent dental problems. Are you aware, though, that it’s possible to damage them by overbrushing? According to the Wall Street Journal, dentists estimate that anywhere from 10% to 20% of the population have harmed their smiles this way. To avoid too much of a good thing, keep reading to learn more about how this happens and what you can do about it!


Preventing Problems: 3 Good Reasons for Routine Visits

March 12, 2024

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Closeup of woman having dental exam performed by dentist in blue gloves

It’s tempting to want to skip your routine dental checkup if you don’t currently have any oral issues. Many people assume that if they don’t see any problems then their mouth must be in good health. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. You should see your dentist every 6 months for preventative care and a professional cleaning even if you don’t think that you need it. If you’re not convinced, keep reading to learn 3 reasons why it’s so important to keep these visits on the calendar!


Put on Your Happy Face: How Smiling Can Benefit Your Health

February 16, 2024

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A happy and smiling man looking away

Of course, the main reason to get cosmetic dentistry is to make your smile prettier. Its various procedures can whiten your enamel, hide chips and cracks, etc. Still, just the fact that it makes you grin more is helpful. Having a habit of smiling can benefit your health over time. Your St. Albans City dentist can show you how that’s the case. To that end, here are five ways a smile can help your body.


Oral Health & Relationships: How Your Smile Affects Romance

February 6, 2024

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A couple taking a happy selfie with a cell phone

It’s February again, so Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Maybe you and your sweetheart have a special outing planned. That said, you should ensure your mouth is clean beforehand. There’s a positive link between oral health and your dating life. If you sport a decayed smile on the 14th, your partner won’t be pleased. Still, your St. Albans City dentist can help you. Here’s how a healthy mouth enhances romance and how to improve your smile for Valentine’s Day.


The Pollen Effect: How Seasonal Allergies Affect Dental Health

January 30, 2024

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Woman with good dental health sneezing

The seasons change and life goes on, but allergies seem like they’re forever! As flowers begin to bloom, many patients find themselves grappling with the effects of seasonal allergies. While symptoms like sneezing, congestion, and itchy eyes are well-known, allergies can also affect your dental health. But how? Continue reading to learn how seasonal allergies impact your teeth.


Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: How Chronic Stress Can Affect Your Oral Health

January 27, 2024

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Woman is stressed out

From high blood pressure to disrupted sleep, there are many ways someone’s chronic stress can affect their overall health. The constant psychological pressure can cause stomachaches, anxiety, headaches, and all sorts of unpleasant side effects, but did you know that chronic stress can have negative consequences for your oral health? Here’s a few ways chronic stress can damage your teeth as well as a few tips for keeping them safe.

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