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Invisalign® Clear Braces – St. Albans, VT

Straighter Smiles without Metal Braces

Straightening the teeth can drastically improve someone’s appearance and oral health, and at St. Albans Dental, adults and teens no longer have to get metal braces in order to enjoy the benefits of orthodontics. Now, Invisalign offers a sleek, discreet, and comfortable way to fix crooked, crowded, and gapped teeth that doesn’t require a patient to wear bulky brackets and wires. If you’re ready to finally get that beautifully straight smile you’ve always wanted, give us a call today and ask about Invisalign in St. Albans!

Why Choose St. Albans Dental for Invisalign® Clear Braces?

How Does Invisalign Actually Work?

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Invisalign straightens the teeth using a progressive series of clear plastic aligner trays. They slip over the teeth similar to an athletic mouthguard, and they place a small amount of pressure that guides the teeth into their ideal positions. Each one is thin and translucent, meaning no one will notice your trays whenever you’re wearing them. Better yet, Invisalign allows patients to eat whatever they like and brush normally because the trays can easily be removed and put back on as needed.

Cost of Invisalign

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While Invisalign is known as a great alternative to traditional metal braces, the cost for these clear, plastic aligners tends to be a bit more expensive. By choosing a more subtle and discreet way to straighten your smile, you are, in turn, paying more, but when you consider the multitude of benefits associated with Invisalign, it’s certainly a worthy investment. Fortunately, payment options are available to make this unique and revolutionary orthodontic treatment possible for anyone.

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Invisalign FAQs


If you need a discreet and sophisticated solution to correct your bite and alignment concerns, you may be a candidate for Invisalign in St. Albans. Your dentist will explain how the clear aligners work and ease your worries during your initial consultation. Here are a few answers to the most common questions we hear to help you decide if Invisalign is the right option for you.

How long will I need Invisalign?

The average patient completes their series of aligners in about 12 months, but the duration of the treatment is determined by your individual needs. Generally, a patient with complex orthodontic issues will need more aligners than someone who only needs to make minor adjustments. As a result, their treatment will take longer.

To ensure nothing adds unnecessary delays to your plan, it’s important to follow the guidelines created by your dentist in St. Albans. It’s best to wear your aligners for at least 22 hours per day and switch to the next one in the series on time.

On average, teens have a shorter treatment time than adults because they are still growing and developing. We’ll explain exactly how long we predict your treatment to take to reach your orthodontic goals.

Will I need a retainer?

Yes. After you complete your series of aligners, you will need a retainer to prevent your teeth from moving into their previous positions. At first, you’ll need to wear it constantly; however, as time passes, you may only need it at night. Wearing your retainer consistently will protect your investment to ensure your smile stays straight.

Can I only use Invisalign on the top?

Your top and bottom teeth should come together to create a harmonious bite. If your bite is misaligned, it can make it difficult to close your mouth or chew. It could even lead to dental problems, like uneven wear on your enamel. As a result, it’s rarely recommended to only use an aligner on the top or bottom. If the teeth aren’t moved simultaneously, it can lead to an improper bite.

Using Invisalign on the top and bottom can correct current bite concerns, like an open bite. This will ensure your smile looks and functions its best for many years to come.

Can I use my dental insurance to pay for Invisalign?

In the past, it was rare for a dental insurance company to pay for Invisalign, but many carriers now include it in their orthodontia coverage. Although every policy differs, you may be able to use your dental benefits to pay for a portion of the cost after paying your deductible.

A member of our team will work on your behalf with your insurance company to file the necessary claims and paperwork to reduce the amount you need to pay out-of-pocket. We accept several forms of payment to cover any remaining balance, like third-party financing with CareCredit. We will work with you to find the solutions you need to achieve a straight smile while staying within your budget.

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